Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Craft foam 101

Hello everyone,
it´s been a while since I´ve posted something here on my blog. I am so sorry but it´s too busy in my real life.
But I would like to get back in touch with you.
I´d like to share with you my ideas how to use craft foam on your projects.
This tutorial was created for Organizatorka.sk

Prajem vám všetkým krásny deň, 

veci sa v mojom súkromnom živote trošku ukľudnili 
a ja sa plánujem venovať môjmu blogu oveľa viac ;)
 Dnes by som sa chcela podeliť o moje nápady ako využiť penovú gumu vo vašom tvorení. 
Celý článok si môžete prečítat na blogu vintage crafting a nakúpiť u Organizátorka.sk

Usually you buy A4 sheets and I like to cut them into standard card size. 
They are prepared in a rainbow order. 

First of all it´s a great way how to add dimension to your projects. 
Of course it´s better to use small 3D adhesive foam squares or dots. 
If you are planning to glue bigger pieces of paper, than go for a craft foam. 

I like to use double sided adhesive. 

And I love dimension on my card. I could make one-layer cards but I like to pop up my front panel. 

Create your own stamps  

I think this is the coolest thing about fun foam. 
You can create stamp from any die you have in your stash with a Big Shot. 

Simply choose your die, pass it throug the cutting machine. Adhere the die-cut shape on your acrylic block with a double sided adhesive. 

I need to warn you. It might be a little bit messy but you can always  wipe it off with baby wipes. 
As you can see the impresion is perfect. 

I have created my own patterned paper. 
Don´t limit yourself. Don´t use just plain white fun foam. I love to use colorful one. 

Btw. I use every leftover. 

And here is my final card. Even my envelope coordinates. 

Try to look at your new uses for your supplies. 
E.g. this is a wreath die but I use as an abstract shape to create my own background. 

Again everything matches perfectly. This makes my soul very happy. 

Ant here is the final card. 

You can highlight just a detail on your card. 
Die cut just the center piece of your card. 

I love to incorporate coloring in my projects. 
This time color just the small piece.

Love this bold graphic color combination. 

It´s very impressive technique. 


 Combine what you have - use your paper die cuts as well as your DIY foam stamps. 

Watch the photos and you´ll understand what I mean :) 

Fist stamp the flowers and than glue the paper ones. 

Or make just simple stamped wreath with your handmade foam stamps. 

Hope you´ll find this post interesting. 
Let me know in the comments below if you love fun foam as much as I do ;) 

Have an amazing day and see you soon here, 




  1. Vali, přání jsou úžasná! A úplně top jsou po mě ta, kde jsi pěnovku použila jako razítko!

    1. Jitka ďakujem ♥♥♥ si super !!! :)

  2. Wow... wspaniałe pomysły na kartki - extra :)