Sunday, January 25, 2015

Embossing tone in tone

Hello everyone,
today I would like to share with you a few tricks & tricks about heat embossing on your postcards.

Prajem všetkým krásny deň,
dnes by som sa s vami chcela podeliť o pár postrehov z oblasti tvorenia pohľadníc.
Drahí slovenskí a českí priatelia,
celý postup v slovenčine si môžete prečítať na blogu Paperoamo. Prosím kliknite na tento odkaz.
Vopred ďakujem za komentáre a lajky :-)

First, I would like to write something about embossing "tone in tone".
I got this idea when I saw stamping tone in tone - big companies have collections of inks matching with the cardstock. e.g. ink called Fresh Lavender would match with the colour of the cardstock Fresh Lavender. 
I have decided to match the silver embossing powder with the silver cardstock or gold embossing powder with gold embossing cardstock. I love the result. I am curious what do you think about it.

What do you need ? Just your favourite embossing powder and silver or gold cardstock. 
Yeah, that simple :)

You can experiment with the colour version of this technique, I think the red colour could look stunning as well.

The most important thing is to get rid of static electricity and have a high quality embossing ink.

It´s difficult to take a good picture of the outcome, but in real life it looks stunning. Postcards I have created using this technique were very popular among my family and friends.

Simple and clean look needs something extra. I always try to add something extra special to my postcards. I love to add texture with embossing using my Big Shot ( or any other machine you might have).

Please, don´t forget to open your basic platform and use just the tab No.1 

I would like to present you the Diffusers by Tim Holz Sizzix.  There are two sets.        

Your Big Shot sandwich should look like this - you skip one of the plates and use instead one of the diffusers. 

Here is the secret trick: I use the inner parts, too. :-)

It´s better to secure the embossing folder and diffuser with some painter´s tape. It always shifts but this way it´s a little bit better :-) 

The result: you´ll get the texture impression only where the diffuser push down. 

I have made these simple cards using the components I have made for this little tutorial.
I use the stamp as well as the papers from the January Simple Kit from Paperoamo.

Here are the other examples I have created: 

I hope you liked this tutorial :)
Don´t forget to answer the main question of the day: are you gold or silver person ? :-)

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