Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2nd & 3rd generation of masking on a card + VIDEO

Hello everyone,
I have another video for you.
What a lovely & sunny day :-) 
Let´s stamp and mask something :-D 

You can see all the details and instructions in the video.
It´s quite long but I wanted to share it with you.
Here is a picture taken while I was creating this video

I would love to give you more details about 2 main products used in this video:

1. watercolor pencils Kooh-I-Noor Mondeluz.
I have the colletction of 36 pieces, but there are available aslo 12,24,48 and 72.
I have bought it for a very reasonable price ( can´t remeber exactly, around 13 euro) and they work perfectly. If you want to try and find out if you would love to color with (watercolor)pencils, I think it´s good start.

amazon link for this product is HERE 

2. stamp set by Scrapberry´s called My little bear with cupcakes.
I love stamps by this company. First of all I can buy them in my hometown and spare some money on postage :-) The second of all, they are really cute and work perfectly for me. I used them already and will use them in the future for sure:) Please note I am not sponsored by this company, I just like their stamps ;)

you can find more details about this company HERE

And now let´s watch the video ;-)

Here are some more close-ups:

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Thanks for visit. See you soon :-)

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